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Candle Accessories
Candle Accessories

A Cheerful Giver offers candles & accessories that are distinguished by quality, beauty and functionality.

Wholesale Prices - Prices for retailers only.

Wick Trimmer
PRICE -   $4.50 ea
CASE -   $54.00 (min set of 12)

Candle Accessories / Candle Holders
Our New accessories are the perfect compliment to our high quality candle line. We are now offering multiple jar holders and pillar stands to compliment our candles. Packaged with a Papa or Mama jar, they make a perfect gift.

All of our candles are made with quality wicks and more fragrance to go above and beyond your expectations. Remember that candle wicks should always be trimmed to a 1/4". A Cheerful Giver Wick Trimmers are the perfect candle accessory to help you achieve the perfect size wick every time in an effortless manner.


Sm Sm
Candle Accessories / Metal Holders
CA02 Star Jar Holder Black $4.50 min. 4
CA03 Heart Jar Holder Black $4.50 min. 4
CA04 Candle Jar Holder Black $4.95 min. 4
CA05 Candle Jar Holder Copper $4.95 min. 4
CA06 10" Pillar Holder Black $6.00 min. 2
CA07 10" Pillar Holder Copper $6.00 min. 2
CA08 6" Pillar Holder Black $5.50 min. 2
CA09 6" Pillar Holder Copper $5.50 min. 2
CA10 Star Tin shade Black $4.95 min. 4
CA11 Heart Tin Shade Black $4.95 min. 4
CA33 Star Sleeve Black $5.00 min. 4
CA34 Star Sleeve SmBlack $4.50 min. 4
CA35 Star Sleeve Copper $5.00 min. 4
CA36 Star Sleeve SmCopper $4.50 min. 4
CA37 Heart Sleeve Black $5.00 min. 4
CA38 Heart Sleeve Sm Black $4.50 min. 4
CA39 Heart Sleeve Copper $5.00 min. 4
CA40 Heart Sleeve Sm Copper $4.50 min. 4
CA41 Heart Tray Black $3.00 min. 4
CA42 Heart Tray Sm Black $2.50 min. 4
CA43 Heart Tray Copper $3.00 min. 4
CA44 Heart Tray Sm Copper $2.50 min. 4
CA45 Star Tray Black $3.00 min. 4
CA46 Star Tray Sm Black $2.50 min. 4
CA47 Star Tray Copper $3.00 min. 4
CA48 Star Tray Sm Copper $2.50 min. 4
CA49 Pineapple Tray Black $3.00 min. 4
CA50 Pineapple Tray Sm Black $2.50 min. 4
CA51 Pineapple Tray Copper $3.00 min. 4
CA52 Pineapple Tray Sm Copper $2.50 min. 4
CA53 Victorian Shade Black $5.95 min. 4
CA54 Victorian Shade Copper $5.95 min. 4
CA55 Star Lantern Black $13.50 min. 4
CA56 Star Lantern Copper $13.50 min. 4
CA57 Heart Lantern Black $13.50 min. 4
CA58 Heart Lantern Copper $13.50 min. 4
CA59 Black Small Vase Black $14.50 min. 2
CA60 Black Large Vase Black $18.00 min. 2
CA61 Copper Small Vase Copper $14.50 min. 2
CA62 Copper large Vase Copper $18.00 min. 2
CA63 Star Nesting Tins Silver $10.75 min. 2
CA64 Nesting Tins Silver $14.00 min. 2
CA65 Star Candle Lamp Black $10.75 min. 4
CWTRIM Wick Trimmer Silver $4.50 min. 12


Star Candle Jar Holder

Star Candle Jar Holder - CA02

Heart Candle Jar Holder
Heart Candle Jar Holder - CA03
Black Candle Jar Holder
Black Candle Jar Holder - CA04
Copper Candle Jar Holder
Copper Candle Jar Holder - CA05
Black Small 6 Inch Pillar Stand
Black Small 6 Inch Pillar Stand - CA08
Black Large 10 Inch Pillar Stand
Black Large 10 Inch Pillar Stand - CA08
Copper Small 6 Inch Pillar Stand
Copper Small 6 Inch Pillar Stand - CA09
Copper Large 10 Inch Pillar Stand
Copper Large 10 Inch Pillar Stand - CA07
Star Tin Candle Shade

Star Tin Candle Shade -


Heart Tin Candle Shade
Heart Tin Candle Shade - CA11
Victorian Candle Shade Black
Victorian Candle Shade Black - CA53
Victorian Candle Shade Copper
Victorian Candle Shade Copper - CA54
Black Heart Candle Lantern
Heart Candle Lantern Black- CA57
Black Star Candle Lantern
Star Candle Lantern Black - CA55
Copper Heart Candle Lantern
Heart Candle Lantern Copper - CA58
Copper Star Candle Lantern
Star Candle Lantern Copper -CA56
Heart Sleeve Small Black
Heart Sleeve Small Black - CA38
Heart Sleeve Large Black
Heart Sleeve Large Black - CA37
Heart Sleeve Small Copper
Heart Sleeve Small Copper - CA40
Heart Sleeve Large Copper
Heart Sleeve Large Copper - CA39
Star Sleeve Small Black
Star Sleeve Small Black - CA34
Star Sleeve Large Black
Star Sleeve Large Black - CA33
Star Sleeve Small Copper
Star Sleeve Small Copper - CA36
Star Sleeve Large Copper
Star Sleeve Large Copper - CA35
Heart Tray Small Black
Heart Tray Small Black - CA42
Heart Tray Large Black
Heart Tray Large Black - CACA41
Heart Tray Small Copper
Heart Tray Small Copper - CA44
Heart Tray Large Copper
Heart Tray Large Copper - CA43
Star Tray Small Black
Star Tray Small Black - CA46
Star Tray Large Black
Star Tray Large Black - CA45
Star Tray Small Copper
Star Tray Small Copper - CA48
Star Tray Large Copper
Star Tray Large Copper - CA47
Pineapple Tray Small Black
Pineapple Tray Small Black - CA50
Pineapple Tray Large Black
Pineapple Tray Large Black - CA49
Pineapple Tray Small Copper
Pineapple Tray Small Copper - CA52
Pineapple Tray Large Copper
Pineapple Tray Large Copper - CA51
Wick Trimmer
Wick Trimmer - CWTRIM
1.5 Gallon Centerpiece Jar
1.5 Gallon Centerpiece Jar
apple orchard centerpiece collection crisp cotton centerpiece collection


Ceramic Plug-In Wax Melter - $6.00 each.  minimum 2 pcs single color

No flame, just scent! Perfect for kitchen and bath. Enjoy scent without the flame.
  • Holds one wax potpourri.
  • Removable dish for easy cleaning.
  • 15 watt light bulb melts wax and serves as night light.
  • Available in White, Tan, and Burgundy.

Fragrance Melt Accessories / Ceramic Plug-in
CM10 Ivy White $6.00 min. 2
CM11 Ivy Tan $6.00 min. 2
CM12 Ivy Burgundy $6.00 min. 2
CM14 Pot Belly Stove Black $6.00 min. 2
CM15 Snowman Black & White $6.00 min. 2
CM16 Owl Green $6.00 min. 2
CM23 Pineapple Brown/Green $6.00 min. 2
CM27 Tapestry Cream $6.00 min. 2
CM28 Tapestry Burgundy $6.00 min. 2
CM29 Tapestry Rust $6.00 min. 2
CM30 Hoot Fawn $6.00 min. 2
CM36 Star Black $6.00 min. 2
CM37 Vase Cream $6.00 min. 2
CMB Addtional Bulb 15 W $1.25 min. 2
Ivy White Ceramic Plug-In Wax Melter - CM10 - $6.00 each. min. 2 pcs single color
Ivy Tan Ceramic Plug-In Wax Melter - CM11 -$6.00 each. min. 2 pcs single color
Ivy Burgundy Ceramic Plug-In Wax Melter - CM12 - $6.00 each. min. 2 pcs single color

Electric Scented Wax & Oil Warmer - $10.00 each. minimum 2 pcs single color

All the fragrance of a scented candle without a flame. Add your favorite scented wax or oil. Warming bulb heats dish to release the lovely fragrance.
  • Scented wax or oil melts quickly.
  • No open flame or unhealthy smoke.
  • Lit bulb shows off attractive rustic tin punch design.
  • Available in Black, Burgundy, and Brown.
Fragrance Melt & Oil Accessories / Electric Lamp Warmer
CM02 Star Burgundy $10.00 min. 2
CM04 Star Black $10.00 min. 2
CM06 Tree Burgundy $10.00 min. 2
CM08 Tree Brown $10.00 min. 2
CM18 Fleur De Lis Mustard $10.00 min. 2
CM21 Vine Green $10.00 min. 2
CM26 Tuscany Cream $10.00 min. 2
CM31 Owl Green $10.00 min. 2
CM32 Snowflake White/Cream $10.00 min. 2
CM34 Star Black $10.00 min. 2
CM38 Vase Cream $10.00 min. 2
CM40 Snowman Red/White/Black $10.00 min. 2
CM43 Potbelly Stove Black $10.00 min. 2
CM44 Country Star Tan/Brown $10.00 min. 2
CMB2 Additional Bulb 25 W $2.00 min. 2
Electric Scented Wax & Oil Warmer - Star Burgundy - CM 02 - $10.00 Min. 2

Star Black -  CM04 - $10.00 Min. 2 (not pictured)
Electric Scented Wax & Oil Warmer - Tree Brown - CM 08 - $10.00Min. 2
Electric Scented Wax & Oil Warmer - Tree Burgundy - CM 06 - $10.00 Min. 2

Our new line of Crackled Glass Candle Accessories will make a statement in your store.
Each item is uniquely painted to reflect a season or an everyday look. From Fall to Winter
or everyday décor, these designs will stand out and have your customers buzzing.

Glass Accessories / Crackled Glassware
CA12 Votive Holder Autumn Harvest $3.35 min. 6
CA13 Votive Holder Winter Wonderland $3.35 min. 6
CA15 Votive Holder Woodland Winter Berries $3.35 min. 6
CA18 Votive Holder Juicy Fruits $3.35 min. 6
CA21 Votive Holder Clear Crackled Glass $3.35 min. 6
CA23 Votive Holder Daisy $3.35 min. 6
CA26 Votive Holder Flip Flop $3.35 min. 6
CA67 Votive Holder Black Star $3.25 min. 6
CA68 Votive Holder Wine $3.35 min. 6
CA70 Votive Holder Spring birds $3.35 min. 6
CA71 Votive Holder Copper Heart $3.25 min. 6
CA72 Votive Holder Copper Star $3.25 min. 6
CA78 Votive Holder Crackle Snowman $3.35 min. 6
JCENTER Centerpiece Jar Clear Glass W/ Black Lid $17.50 min. 4

Juicy Fruits Votive Holder - CA18 - $3.75 min. 4
Woodland Winterberries Votive Holder
Woodland Winterberries Votive Holder - CA15 - $3.35 min. 4
Clear Votive Holder - CA21 - $2.50 min. 4 
Winter Wonderland Votive Holder - CA13 - $3.35 min. 4
Autumn Harvest Votive Holder - CA12 - $3.35 min. 4

** All Prices Subject to Change Wtihout Notice.  Wholesale Buyers Only.